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“Animal” film wrapped up

Nayla Al Khaja’s short film “Animal” has wrapped up in 24th of October morning.

Written and Directed by Nayla Al Khaja, Cinematography by Primetime Emmy Nominated – Michel Amathieu, and in collaborations with Gamma Engineering. The film tells a story of a 7-year old child’s experiences of growing up in a home ruled with an iron fist by her ferocious and domineering father, whom is an “A+ sociopath and narcissist” and how it is juxtaposed against his weakling, yet selfishly ambitious mother and their merry flamboyant cook. It takes a look at how the child copes with living in the midst of such contradictions.

A beautifully crafted film includes variety of casts, Mohammed Ahmed, an Emirati actor who plays the domineering father, Venetia Tiarks the innocent mother, Donya Asi who plays the daughter and Abhijit Baruah as the flamboyant cook.

We would like to thank our sponsors – IDdesign KARE, SIA and Chattels & More for set designs and furniture for this production and all the crew involved in making of this short film.



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